Civil war

Gun shorts explosions every where. Men fighting for the right to survive.

Innocent men losing their lives fighting for there country.

Bodies on the ground no one can see the enemy but the enemy can see us. Men screaming for help

They are taking us out one by one john thought that no one would come home  so without thinking about it john had gunpowder a lighter and a lot of bullets he saw a cannons he ran in front of the cannons taking the cannons  attentions away from the men he told the men to get out of their as the men left John got shot.


One thought on “Civil war”

  1. Kia ora from New Zealand Darcy.
    This piece of writing is very clever in that you do not mention the statue at all, but if we look at the picture and then read it, we can tell immediately what type of person the statue is honouring. Well done! Remember to always check check and check again, to be sure that you have all of your words correct. Keep on writing!
    Ms M #100WC

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