Part 2 derp

I mean the one that is taking off oh sorry.  Derp. That’s ok snake. The ship is down good chickens fire at once and mice come and pick me up you got it Derp. Derp the phantom has shot us down we need all animals firing at that phantom baxter go find that ship then get the hell out of here. K Derp I need to get out of here nice a chopper head to the bace got it go go baxter get out of there got it.

Derp a redo

A shadow appeared over a city in Australia. A noise appeared it was the air raid siren as soon as people heard it they ran for their lives not knowing what was attacking  the city the army was over in a war with a  terroist group so there was no hope.  soldiers came down rounding civilians up.  the soldiers took aim as they were about to pull the trigger boom an explosion hit the ship then in the distance  a ship landed a group unidentified soldiers. Came out the person leading them was Derp soldiers started shooting. These soldiers knew that they might die they still want to fight for.


A shadow appeared over a city in Australia. A noise appeared it was the air raid siren as soon as people heard the siren they started running  for there life soldiers came down from the ship killing many people.

As soldiers fighting to protect the city.

There were too many of them the soldiers rounded up the soldiers and the








The soldiers took aim as they were about to fire but an explosion hit. Then out of the bloom two landing crafts came landing down the soldiers focused there aim on the ships. Then the doors opened twenty soldiers came out  gun

shots every were the person leading the Aussie soldiers was Derp.

Just a typicle day

It was just a typical day at school and I was listening to some music and watching a video about a furry bunny.  Until an explosion on the oval every one started screaming  but I knew  what this meant war as soon as I said that landing crafts came down with soldiers inside I started running. Smoke every were bullets flying gun shots every were.  I hid in the bathroom hoping no one would find me but my luck was not that good. I could see foot steps coming towards me but then boom an explosion went off I came out and I saw…

Civil war

Gun shorts explosions every where. Men fighting for the right to survive.

Innocent men losing their lives fighting for there country.

Bodies on the ground no one can see the enemy but the enemy can see us. Men screaming for help

They are taking us out one by one john thought that no one would come home  so without thinking about it john had gunpowder a lighter and a lot of bullets he saw a cannons he ran in front of the cannons taking the cannons  attentions away from the men he told the men to get out of their as the men left John got shot.


The end of a war

As we went into a dark room.

My brother covered my mouth and put his finger on his lip.

I was scared for my life I could tell that my brother was scared too but he was focused on getting us out of here. All I could here was explosions every were I saw a bright light then a shadow was walking to us I could not see who it was but my brother could. Before the shadow came to us a  explosion hit us. As I was lying on the ground I saw a gun and I grabbed it and started shooting.

The movie fight

My friend and I were trying to decide on a movie to watch I said star wars my friend said the avengers. We started with the pros and cons pros about star wars it’s a good movie and has a lot of action and amazing graphics. Pros about avengers is that the avengers have charters from a different galaxy. Cons about star wars is that if they built a death star and it got destroyed  and they built another one. Cons about avengers is that charters die and come back. So me and my friend agreed that it is star wars. The prompt was no he said I like marmite.

The flight attendent

The flight attendant looked behind him, he saw four armed guards coming at him. He boarded a plane that nobody was in. He hid in the bathroom as one guard went past him. He came out and knocked the guard out with his leg. He took the taser with him as a guard charge at him, he shot the taser at the guard. He had a sense that something was wrong. The plane took off and his face turned white as he saw a bomb, it had ten seconds until the plane exploded. He took a glider and leaped out of the plane right before the plane blew up.

Things i hated about 2020

Things I hated about 2020. The first thing covid nineteen thousands of people have died to covid people lost jobs we had to do homeschooling. And I was going on camp but it was cancelled and we had it at school now it sounds fun but it was not fun for me I got strangled twice in a tent at school. Lets call him Jeff and this kid is very bad. He shows his but out at camp. One  time he he tried fighting me and he lost this is not a lie it is true this is part one of this 2020 story’s. Thank you for reading. The end.

The storm

It was going to rain today better get some sand bags. I picked one of the sand bags up  they were heavy. Ouch I got a cramp I put the last bag down now I am ready. It started raining I was eating some subway for dinner and watching star wars the rise of Skywalker. The it was heavier than I expected my back yard started flooding. At one point it started getting up to the top of the sand bags. What was I going to do I had to fix my pool pump before it floods. I fix the pump it was hard but I did it.